Sunday, December 22, 2013

A Little Introduction!


I am not really sure how to start a blog! I have always wanted to start doing a blog, possibly even start a vlog?!? Anyway. Since this is my first post, I figure a good way to start is by introducing myself.. The first thing I will say is I enjoy using the punctuation"…" quite a bit… as you can see it is quite boring but that is how I enjoy typing, so bear with me… I am a positive thinking person, I enjoy music, art, dancing *like nobody is watching* I enjoy singing *with a passion* and of course I am into FASHION and BEAUTY!!! I just love hearing of new products and trying new products… As boring as this sounds, I enjoy spending time with my Family on weekends instead of going out to parties…  BIG CONFESSION.. I would rather stay home and watch movies together as a family or go on outings then go to a party and get drunk… LAME. Anyway I hope to fill this blog with new ideas, new products, and would love to be a help to at least one person! I enjoy listening to other bloggers, such as, Zoe, Tanya, Marcus, Tyler, and much much much more!! I hope to fill this blog with positivity, new ideas for other bloggers, and hope to make everyone happy!!! :D :D

Lots of Love <3
Réa Réa

*Also did I mention I was French, Saskatchewanian (If that's a word), Canadian! <3