Friday, December 27, 2013


Hello!! :D

So all day, my mind was thinking of one thing… I was pondering weither I should start vlogging or not. I notice that vlogging seems to attract more people as our generation is very technologic. I had some concerns with this method. As I had certain concerns I kept second guessing everything I thought.

My concerns were as followed: What will people think of me? What if I am not noticed amoung so many wonderful vloggers? What if everyone thinks I look ugly, or what if people think I look fat? What if people think I am copying them? What if my videos are stupid? What if I sound stupid? What if I am classified as "un-cool"? I kept second guessing my motives.. 

All of a suddain during the day… there was some sort of a lightbulb in my head! I just asked myself: What if I never try this? If I never try this, how will I know if it's for me? What's the worst thing that could happen? *I have no followers, no subscribers, no likes, no dislikes, no readers* THAT'S NOT THE END OF THE WORLD.. right?* So I just kept asking myself these questions over and over and over again. The more I asked myself these questions, the more this idea seemed to be a good one… the more I wanted to vlog… the more I wanted to help other people.. 

Finally, I decided that this vlog or a blog or life is not supposed to be a FEAR of what others will think of me, but a CONFIDENCE in me… As Maria would (Sound of Music) say, "I have confidence the world can all be mine, they'll have to agree I have confidence in me." If I have confidence, the world will have to AGREE… I should not be worrying about what others will think of me, but instead, what makes me happy. I do not, by any means, mean to be selfish.. but in life if we spend our entire lives trying to please others, we end up displeasing them because in the long run, you will be unhappy, the that will show through and as a consequence everybody would be unhappy. 

To answer those worries mentioned above.. Who cares what people think of me.. who cares if I'm not noticed amoung all those wonderful vloggers. As long as I feel beautiful.. I should not have to worry about everyone else's view on behalf of my beauty. If people think that I am copying their ideas.. I am sorry…hah. If my videos are stupid and or I feel embarassed afterwards.. I can always delete them… that should not be a worry. If someone has a problem with how I sound on my videos, then that is their problem and not mine. I AM un-cool! Everyone is different, and so if we based everything on our similarities, we would all be UN-COOL.

I am a very positive person and so I do not fully understand the fact that I thought so negatively upon myself. Just to clarify.. just because I am writting this now.. does not mean that i do not have any worries, this does not mean that I have FULL confidence.. because I don't. I am still self conscious, and probably will still end up hating my voice on tape.. or worrying about being stupid. But at least I am going to try, at least I want to change, I want to be a better me.. I want to be ME. 

I know this seems like a bit of a New Year's Resolution.. but frankly.. there is always room for a little bit of change.. and if I feel like I need a change, I will change.. I will not wait for an entire year to change.. So from now on I hope to fill this blog with what I want to put in it.. what makes me happy… and if I end up helping at least 1 person with the help of this blog or vlog, then that would make me happy. 

If any one of you is having these same thoughts, then I hope I could help you as you read this post. I hope you can also find the confidence I hope to have in myself. I hope you can be happy and do what makes you happy. Remember to always keep a positive outlook on life, even try to think positive on anything negative that hits you. LET'S SHOW THE WORLD OUR CONFIDENCE! 

Lots of Love

Réa Réa