Monday, December 30, 2013


Hello!! :D

So at the moment, I am not a happy camper. This morning I woke up and decided that I would do a "What's in my bag?" video and post my very first talking like vlog.. it was exciting, yet I was very nervous… Since I don't have a very good camera to film on, I decided that I would just use IMovie and film it from there.. So I filmed about half an hours worth of tape and when I went to watch it over and edit it… the voice and the way my lips were moving wasn't matching up. I was so dissapointed because I thought this was going to be a really interesting video.

After this little event, I decided that I was not going to re film everything and fake it! I did not want to reanact everything to make it look like I was surprised. So then I thought to myself, I will just use my phone to film another type of video. So I decided to film a "Favorites" video but with a twist. I decided that I would choose 10 favorite beauty products from my makeup bag and 10 not so favorite products from my beauty bag. After I was finished filming that video, I'm not sure how to edit it and make it look presentable and yah.. it is not working very well!

So now I am stuck on what to write.. I think I will just type my favorites and not so favorites products. Hopefully this is just as helpful for whoever is reading this. I hope I can fill your brains with some helpful tips on what to buy and how to buy it… I apologize for my rant on frustration, but I needed to let it out! haha so here we go!

*Oh and by the way, because tomorow is New Year's Eve, I decided that I would kind of summarize my beauty products for the entire year and not just the month of December, and so that is why I am simply choosing 10*

10 Favorites of the Year
This picture contains beauty products from my Favorites List (#1-5)
This picture contains numbers 6 - 10

1. Watt's Up Highlighter from Benefit. This really lightens up my face and I like it a lot...
2. "Blissful" Natural Cheek Stain by Tarte. When I first bought this, I thought, this is strange and I wasn't too sure of how I would like it and I LOVE IT… it smells delicious and I would reccoment this cheek stain to anyone! :D 
3. "They're Real" mascara by Benefit. This is probably my top high end mascara at the moment <3. I will admit that this mascara, at first, was probably not my favorite, and it was a little strange, but after using it just a couple times, I LOVE IT… I love how it volumizes and does not clump. You just have to make sure to use the right technic for it and you're good to go! :D
4. #645 "Red Revival" vivids lipstick by Maybelline New York. I love the deep red and it lasts a while so thats good! 
5. Favorite Eye Shadow Palette is obviously the Naked eye palette by Urban Decay. I love the pigmentation of this palette and all the different colours. I use it almost every day and I would reccomend this to anyone… I also cannot wait to try Naked 2 and Naked 3… just haven't got the chance to buy those yet.. :D
6. Tarte Glamazon Lipstick in "Pure". This is my top high end lipstick. I love how it is a matte finish yet there is a slight amount of *shimmer*. This also softens my lips and so I like that!
7. Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion. I love this little tube of primer because it prevents creasing. Creasing and Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion should not be used in the same sentence. haha
8. Covergirl "Flamed Out" mascara. This is my top drugstore mascara. I love how it prevents clumping and it volumizes, and also, the brisle of the wand is just cool. The bristle is swirvy and its lovely.
9. The Arbonne Primer is silky, and all I apply is a small amount. This makes my skin so soft and helps to keep the makeup on my face. :D 
10. Arbonne Foundation in "Soft Blush". This is the foundation that I use almost everyday. It blends easily, it is not greasy, and it's almost like I can't feel it on my skin *it's light.*

10 Not so Favorites of the Year
Things I don't use all the time, regrets...
This picture is blurry but just to show overall, the products from the list below numbers 1-10. 

1. Lashblastlength by Covergirl mascara. I used to enjoy this mascara quite a bit, and this year I tried to use up as much as I could of the rest of my little bottle. I just think that it is not volumizing enough for my lashes. I guess it is a good mascara if you want a super natural look. It's not that I don't like it it is just that I found a better one that I use. 
2. Clump Crusher by lashblast, Covergirl mascara. I used this green bottle, quite a bit throughout the beginning of this year. Although I enjoyed how it crushed the clumps and volumized my lashes, I found, yet again, a better mascara.
3. Bombshell Volume by Lashblast, Covergirl. This is, I think, the new Covergirl mascara, although you never know with Covergirl as they come out with something new everytime I run to the drugstore. I tried this mascara as it looks super volumizing, it has two ends and I followed the insructions but I do not like this specific mascara. I found that it smelt really bad (not that I smell my mascara's) also after I applied the mascara on my lashes, I found that my lashes hurt. It was also really hard to take the mascara off. 
4. I received an unknown eye palette from a friend when I was probably in grade 7 or 8. I enjoyed using this palette for a long time, but now this past year, I've realised that the pigmentation of the eyeshadows barely shows and so I have to apply it several times. :(
5. Annabelle #72 Brown Eyeliner. Now I am not saying "DO NOT GET THIS" because quite frankly it's not that I don't like it, more like i just don't think it's THE ONE. I just don't like the way it applies to my eyes. I love brown eyeliner and think maybe I just do not have another to compare it with. I think it's time for a little change. 
6. The Body Shop Shimmer Cubes. I've had this particular little case of 4 shimmer cubes for a long time, and this year I discovered that I should start using them. I used them only a couple times, but the thing I wish would be different would be the pigmentation. I don't know. I like the four colours, maybe I just need a different eyeshadow brush *a shorter one*. I just needed an item to fill this list and this was one that I use less often. 
7. Kabuki Brush I on Beauty. I bought this specific kabuki brush at Winners just this past couple months, and the first few times I used it, I fell in love. After using it for about a week, I realised that it shed A LOT. I am sad to say that I need a better one. 
8. Maybelline Dream Matte Powder in Medium Beige 2-2.5. I bought this a super long time ago and this does not fit in to the year spand but it is one that I regret buying :(. I bought this when I was young and foolish.. hah. I try it again and again here and there, and realise everytime, that it does nothing for my face. :( Not saying "DON'T GET THIS" again but I found other things that I think are way better.
9. Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse in Nude Light 4. Now I think when I bought this specific foundation I was FOOLISH. This specific foundation just does not match my skin colour. So now I have a practicly good foundation, and it's almost full. I don't know what to say other than I really should not have bought this. 
10. Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse in Medium #1. I bought this as my science fair project, and discovered that I really do not like it! I don't like how it makes my skin feel thick and this foundation, I find, is very cakey, it does not blend really good at all. :( :( I don't know what to do with the rest. 

Alright so I hope this little post helped whoever is reading it! I wish the video would have worked. But it is what it is.. Have a WONDERFUL day and Spread love wherever you go!

Lots of Love
Réa Réa