Friday, January 3, 2014

Encouragement :D

Hello!! :D

So today was a good day! :D :D :D Since I've started writting this blog, I felt like no one was really listening… but today I got some assuring news!! +Holly Parish sent me an email and I was thrilled to hear that someone had seen my channel…. So we have talked about how we have similar tastes in channels on youtube, and so after suggesting a few people on youtube, she helped me decide what I should do for another vlog/blog.

Holly Parish suggested that I do more makeup videos, and things that interest me… I also had a chance to have a little look at her channel, and now am a SUBSCRIBER. haha I suggest that if you have similar tastes as me, that you would go and check out her channel, like her videos, and or subscribe! The link will be below this post!! :D

Since I was sick today, I was not really in the mood to put pictures up or a video up, because, frankly, I don't feel 100% and would prefer not showing my odd complexion on the internet… haha so for today, like all day, I kept thinking of what I could post. After thinking for a long time, I decided to just have a little THANK YOU post! :D I would like to thank all people who are having a look at my channel. My intention is not to MAKE you follow me or subscribe to me, but I just wanted to share my ideas and thoughts on things that interest me. Hopefully there are others who feel the same as me, otherwise that could be slightly awkward, talking to myself and all.. haha. I would love to thank anyone who is looking at my blog, or vlog, even the people who do not like, comment, or subscribe, just the fact that you notice me.. makes me happy! :D

A special thank you to Holly Parish for the extra encouragement!!! :D :D :D

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Lots of Love
Réa Réa