Sunday, January 12, 2014

Hair product!! :D

Hello!!! :D

I apologize for not posting anything on my blog for such a long time.. My first week of school was quite busy, as midterms are coming up so alot of homework seems to coming in.. I hope to be able to post more often than I have been lately. :D

So yesterday, my parents, my uncle and I went to Prince Albert, SK, Canada, for a little shopping trip! I had previously made a little research to find a protective heat spray of some sort for my hair. I want to try to protect it a little more than I tend to.. So I watched some videos and was tempted to try the Arganoil heat protectant spray.

As I made my way into the Shopper's Drug Mart store.. I LOVE DRUGSTORES!!!! I was hoping I would find that product.. but I didn't :( However, I did find another product from the brand Organix.

I first used it this morning, I used it to remove the frizz in my hair!! I found it did work good… but the bottle recommends that I use it in damp hair than blow dry it, to allow it to sit in the hair, then spritz some more for it to appear glossy… I hope this product works as good as it smells! :D :D Let me know if you've used this product, let me know if it works for you???

Organix Moroccan Argan Oil - Healing oil

Lots of Love
Réa Réa