Thursday, January 23, 2014

New Feelings!

Hello!! :D :D

So today was an exciting day for me!!! YAY!!! :D :D Since the month of October.. I had been working on my application for the University of Saskatchewan.. as I wanted to get a little bit of a head start on it… So yah the process was a little bit on and off for the past couple months… and today I finally FINISHED it !!! :D

I wanted to wait until the career day thing in Vancouver passed, as I hoped it would maybe help me have a better perspective on my choice. So after thinking for a while that I for sure want to be a Dentist, I came to the conclusion that maybe I might just start into Arts and Science, and get my Bachelor of Science, in order to then make a decision into which medical career I would like to pursue… and who knows, I might decide to be something completely different.

I used to think that I would need to know from the beginning what I wanted to be for the rest of my life. I figured that that was a lot of pressure for a *young adult/teenager/whatever I am considered to be * haha… and I know that a lot of people take the year off.. but I just did not even take that into consideration. I know that as a person, I work very hard, I am very passionate in whatever I decide to do… so it was hard for me to imagine myself just working for a year…. I just cannot see it!

I came to the conclusion that: Why am I so worried about trying this whole Arts and Science thing? Who cares where it takes me? As long as I am happy… I think that is all that counts *n'est-ce-pas?* haha a little french there… I just hope that whoever is reading this…can have a better prospective or more of a positive outlook on University… or whatever is in your future plans…

So anyway.. that was a long and boring inspirational little passage.. haha hope you enjoyed it and hopefully it helps YOU figure out what you want in your future…

Lots of Love
Réa Réa