Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Vancouver Trip!! :D

Hello!! :D :D

So I know that I have not been up to date with this whole blogging thing lately *slap on the hand for that one*. But I have been so busy for the past week as midterms are coming up soon, and this past weekend I had the opportunity to go on a trip to Vancouver! 8 girls from the french school division were chosen to go to this career day in Vancouver for anyone interested in the Medical Field! :D

My trip consisted of leaving on the thursday at 5:30 and going to Edmonton, then to Vancouver. We thought we were going to make it to Vancouver that evening.. but that was not the case.. our flights were all delayed: our first one was delayed which caused us to miss our connecting flight, then our new flight was delayed.. so we made it to Vancouver at around midnight. That part of the trip was not so great because as our flights were delayed, our luggage was lost in cyberspace! :(

So the first day in Vancouver, we made our way to the Aquarium in Vancouver, BC… that was really fantastic, because we got to see some wonderful creatures.. then after the aquarium, we made our way to the Pacific Center Mall and after that… we made our way to Forever 21!!! That was super exciting as we don't have a Forever 21 near our area so that was neat!! :D

That afternoon we finally got our luggage!!! YAY!!! Then that night we decided that we had done way too much running around.. so we decided to all get dressed up and go for a nice relaxing supper.

Then it came time to go to the career day… On Saturday morning we made our way to the College and had some little workshops to learn more about different medical careers. After asking a lot of questions.. we had to make our way back to the airport :( :( It was time to go home! :(

Although I did not want to leave, I am glad to be home!!! :D :D

Lots of Love
Réa Réa