Sunday, February 16, 2014

Spring and Obsessions...


So for the past three weeks, I have not posted anything.. and I will be honest, the reason why I have not posted anything is because I wanted to start making videos instead… I attempted to film a TMI video, but the lighting was bad, and my computer would not accept the video.. so that plan went down the drain :(

As I had gone three weeks without posting anything.. I decided to post something.. YAY! I simply want to talk about my recent obsessions and it will be kind of like a favourites video… but in writting.

So music wise, I have been listening to MIKA.. and if you do not know who Mika is.. well you should just go give him a listen. :P I used to replay his songs over and over again, and after a while.. I found myself drifting into a whole lot of different music genres.. when about a week ago, I was shocked to find out that he had an album that I did not even know about.. YIKES! So I decided to give "THE ORIGIN OF LOVE" a listen.. and actually really enjoyed most of the songs!!! Then I found myself listening to his old ones again.. like the classics and remembered why I enjoy his music. Mika just finds a way to make me happy.. and I know it sounds so cheesy or CLICHÉ of me but whenever I am feeling down I know that I can listen to "Grace Kelly," or "Lollipop," or "Blame it on the Girls,"… or even, "Stardust," and "Lola."

A new recent obsession I have is spring! *haha* The sun is finally coming out, the days are getting longer, I mean it is 7:15 pm and still bright out!!!!!! Finally old man winter is leaving! :D :D :D I am usually a fan of winter, but this winter has been so cold, that it is hard to find the guts to do anything… I mean we have probably had a whole months worth of -50 degrees… no word of a lie. It has been dreadful, but finally, the sun is coming out, the birds are chirping, and the style is well.. wonderful. I am loving the bright colors mixed with the neutrals, the old mixed with the new and the warm mixed with the cool! Everything is starting to be brighter! :D :D <3

Another recent obsession of mine is braids… I have been doing braids in my hair for about a week now and the reason why I love braids, is that they are so versatile, they go with everything.. like you can do halo braids, or do the crown wrap around braid thing, you can just do a simple braid right down the middle of your head, you can braid her bangs, braid your hair into a bun.. and the list goes on and on.. I have found myself braiding my hair as my go to look.. something that is easy and works wonders if you are having a CRAZY hair day! :D

A new makeup obsession of mine are the Revlon Colorburst Lip balm thingies.. haha I recently have been watching an endless list of YouTubers.. and a lot of them use those Revlon lip balms.. I was kind of a little skeptical about them at first, but I tried them.. and love them so much. I find that when I wear lipstick it sometimes just wears off really fast, or it leaves patches on my lips, and sometimes can go massively wrong… but these lip balms are life savers.. they are like the best of both worlds.. they are like lipsticks but have the lip balm feel.. PERFECT.

While I try to solve my camera and its memory card.. I am planning on organizing a video… and hopefully if my camera starts to work better, I will be able to do more videos… perhaps an empties video, a makeup tutorial, or even a HAUL!!!! :D :D Let us just hope that by Spring coming and bringing happy things.. hopefully it can bring along some good luck with my camera!! :P

What are your new obsessions?

Lots of Love
Réa Réa