Saturday, March 22, 2014

A Hint of Sunshine :D

Hello!! :D :D

Recently, the sun has been coming out, the snow has been melting and everything seems to be Beautiful. Throughout these past couple days, I have felt happy, and good things have been happening all around me! :D :D

On Sunday, my mom and dad and I went to Saskatoon to visit my brother… we had a wonderful time, watching Netflix, and we had supper then came home.

On Monday, I went to school and that day, my Forever 21 clothes came in the mail!!! :D :D I was so excited… so much so that I took my car to school, and as soon as the bell rang at 3:30, I was hurrying to go pick up my package.. haha.. I got home and my godmother was here with her boyfriend, and we had a wonderful visit. Monday night, I decided to check up on my application status for University of Saskatchewan… I had not checked up on it for about a week, so I thought it might be a good idea to check up on it. I looked at my requirements, and observed that everything was sent in and received and up to date.. so I scrolled up on the page and looked at my application status… I was litteraly shaking at what I saw. It said that the Decision was made… ummmm so I kinda started to freak out a little bit.. I was so excited that I went to tell my mom, she came and saw, and we concluded that the University would probably be sending in my letter soon to tell me if I am accepted or not!

Tuesday, was another day at school, but it was not as exciting as Monday. I am thrilled at how good my days are going these past couple days… I hope everyone else are having a good day today! I hope that everyone is feeling the little hint of sunshine coming through.. I hope everyone has wonderful time; be it with family, friends, or anyone who surrounds them!

Thursday, was probably a day of the week that I was most happy about! After lunch, during French class, all of a sudden, I was having a grand old time, jamming out to some Little Mix, and Mika… when my friends told me to look up and I saw my mom standing there… I saw she was holding a University of Saskatchewan letter….so at that sight I went to open it.. and there it said that I had been accepted into the U of S with a Guaranted Entrance Scholarship.. I was thrilled and relieved at that sight.. I was shaking so much, and to be honest I did not really know what to think.. I was in shock.

Friday was my Birthday!! So since it was a school day… I could not just escape the fact that I had a chemistry exam on the day of my Birthday… surprisingly it went not bad.. and that day flew by so fast that by the time I knew it, it was already 3:30 and time to go home. I came home and three of my friends went to Saskatoon to go shopping! We went to the Midtown Plaza and shopped til we dropped.. haha... just kidding… The first store we went to was Sephora, and there, I helped my friends pick out some makeup.. hee hee… :) After Sephora, we made our way to La Senza, and there well that store is pretty self explanatory.. haha. So after shopping in big girl stores, we decided to make our way to the Build a Bear Workshop… I had never been in the Build a Bear Workshop so it was quite an experience. We walked in the store thinking we were only going to make one teddy bear, but then we ended up making four. haha :) After that we finally made our way to the Lush store.. and I will admit I went a little Lush overboard… but it was my birthday so I think it is acceptable!

All in all, this week was a fantastic week!!! :D :D
What did you all do this week? I hope everyone had as much as a good week as I did!! :D :D

P. S.

I am hoping to post my very first Lush Haul soon as well as pictures from my Birthday... :D :D

Lots of Love
Réa Réa