Tuesday, April 1, 2014

March Favorites 2014

Hello!! :D :D

So this week I figured that I would give it my best shot filming a video.. In my head, I had a certain image in my head of how my video would look like.. but it did not go the way I wanted it to go.. the lighting is not the best as I was working with natural light… but I thought I should quit procrastinating and just do it.. so I did it.. my very first sit down and talk to camera video.. It took me a couple tries.. because it is awkward talking to a camera in my room, by myself… haha.. but none the less, I filmed a decent shot and did a little editing magic on it.. and VOILA! Here is my March Favorites video for the year 2014! :D :D

I hope you can enjoy this video of mine.. and if you did, hit the like button, the comment button and I would love to hear of any suggestions for what to do next…

Here it is…

Lots of Love
Réa Réa