Monday, December 1, 2014

Blogmas ~ Day 1

Hello everyone!!! :D :D :D

Everyone, every year seems to get into the Christmas spirit at this time of year. An observation I have made in the past couple years has been the obsession with Vlogmas and I decided that I would participate in the best way that I can. I do not, however, have a good enough quality video so I thought I would instead do BLOGMAS.

For the entire month of December, everyday, I will attempt to put a post on my blog... I am not saying I will for sure be keeping up with this predicament, but I will however do my very best.

I thought a good way to begin this Blogmas thing would be to do a relaxing evening post.

Tonight I had a long, well awaited bath.. I attempted to take some pictures of the products used and for those that I didn't take, I will discuss... Here is what this evening consisted of.

To begin my relaxation evening, I first had to SET the MOOD.

1. I lit a candle *The smell of this candle is sooooooo delicious* 

2. I poured myself a hot bath, and added the Lush Butterball. *This was my first time using the Butterball by Lush and do believe this product helped my skin feel silky smooth :D *

3. I also added some Avon Bubble Bath for Sensitive Skin *Because I have sensitive skin, I thought this product would be good for my skin, it smells very fresh... But this was the first time using the product and so do not have a lot of proof that this product works for the skin or not. Based on this one time I used it, it seemed to be beneficial for the skin and will continue to use it.*

4. The final thing I added to the bath was a 5-in-1 massage oil from Arbonne *The aromatherapy helps me relax and de-stress*

5. I also had a facial and used the Deep Cleansing Mask by Arbonne *Makes the skin feel fresh*

6. After washing my face, I used the Nightly Resurfacing Pads by Arbonne *Scrubs gently any extra makeup that could be clogged in your pores, and is gentle on the skin*

7. I finally used the Arbonne Rejuvenating Cream to moisturize my face *Works really well*

What do you do to relax ?? What are products that you recommend? I hope this is the beginning of a wonderful month of December! :D 

Lots of Love
Réa Réa