Thursday, December 18, 2014

Blogmas ~ Day 18

Hello everyone!! :D :D

So today I wrote my Chemistry final and I am so relieved that this exam is done and over with... I woke up and a cup of coffee, as usual, and got ready as I watched some daily youtube vlogmas videos, and then was off to Saskatoon, to go to my new place.. there were a couple of misunderstandings as to when I was going to show up, but that's alright, it gave me a sufficient amount of time to head to the mall and get some last minute Christmas shopping, but did not buy everything I needed to because after shopping for about half an hour or so, my roommate texted me and told me that she was home, so I went over, we had some delicious soup and we were off to the Campus to write our exam *we were both writting the same one, at the same place* When we got to the Campus, the line up for the exam was so long, literally went around the entire building, but surprisingly enough, we found a spot to park our vehicle and made it in time to start the exam at precisely 2:00pm... After the exam was completed, I handed in my Opscan sheet and my pack of papers and PEACED out ! My roommate and I were off back to her place, and then I left to go finish up my shopping and now I can finally say that my Christmas shopping is DONE... I left for home, and picked up some subs on the way home for my mom and I... After eating supper I spent my time watching some TV, and now writting this blog post...

I only have one more exam to write and I am surprisingly very excited for Saturday to come... So here's the deal, for every exam that I have written so far (Psychology, Physics, and Chemistry), I studied for a good three days in advance, but the unfortunate news for my last exam is that I do not think I will have done as much studying done.. It is what it is...

So my original plan was to study a little bit tonight and take the entire day tomorrow to study... but I am so tired from the day that I had today, that I think I will scratch that plan and just take a mini break... haha... and just chill out... I will worry about studying tomorrow, I don't sleep in anyway so I should be up fairly early at around 7:30-8:00 have a cup of coffee, and start studying.. I am determined to PASS all of my exams..  even though I barely studied *kinda ironic*... Anyway, I am gonna leave this blog post at that, and so GOODNIGHT <3

Lots of Love
~ XOXO ~
Réa Réa