Saturday, December 20, 2014

Blogmas ~ Day 20

Hello everyone!!! :D :D

So OMG!!!!! It's the 20th of December already!! Cannot believe how fast this month has gone and cannot believe that in just three days its Christmas Eve!! So EXCITING! Anyway so this morning I woke up and had a cup of coffee, with of course, my bowl of oatmeal *So healthy all of a sudden* and after watching a little bit of TV I was off to get ready to go to the city..

My uncle, my mom and I headed for Saskatoon, this morning at 10:00 am, because I was going to go write my FINAL EXAM today .. and you cannot believe how excited I was to get this exam done and over with... Anyway so because we left earlier than we needed to, we decided to go to lunch....

After lunch, I was really just in the mood to go to Campus, I figured the sooner I get there, the sooner I leave, and so my mom dropped me off and they went about shopping.. so I got to the exam an entire hour early, and there was literally NO one there.. hah at least we got a good spot in the line.. Like the line up went basically around the entire building, which, in words is hard to explain, but you should have been there... So the reason I got there earlier was A. to get a good spot, and B. to hold a spot for my friends who were also writting the same FINAL at the same area.. so yah...

So my friends showed up, we had some laughs and that really lowered my anxiety down, as I was not as nervous for the test. I had previously taken out my flashcards to study, but was having so much fun and having such good laughs, that I just ended up putting them away, and did not find them important... So finally, about 10 minutes before the exam started, the line started moving forward and so we made our way into the gym to write the FINAL.. the time had arrived...

It only took me an hour and half to complete the final which could have taken up to three hours, so felt pretty content about that, and the funny thing is that we all finished the exam at the same time, so we got to discuss our papers and laugh about answers we had written...

By that time, my uncle and mom were there to pick me up and so gave my friends some hugs and wished them Merry Christmas and said my goodbyes *actually pretty sad, like it was good to be done school but sad to say bye to my friends*

On our way out of the city, we stopped at Tim Horton's, picked up some snacks, and made our way to the grocery store, as we needed to buy some Christmas food!

I was home by about 6:00 pm this evening, and had a quick supper, because at 7:00 pm, my best friend came over to pick me up and we went ice skating in our hometown with a couple other friends of ours... it was a good time... *I totally fell on my butt and now it's bruised... OUCH* and by 8:30 I was back home... It has been such a long day and honestly this girl is tired... So holy macaroons I just scrolled upwards to see how much I had written, and well I am pretty sure I just wrote a bible... but oh well, makes up for the boring posts that I have been writting!

Lots of Love
~ XOXO ~
Réa Réa