Monday, December 22, 2014

Blogmas ~ Day 22

Hello everyone!! :D :D

So this morning was quite busy, as was the rest of my day.. and surprisingly I did not have any coffee today! *WOW*

So at about 10:30 am, my friend came over and we started baking some yummy Christmas Treats.. I attempted to re-create Melted Snowman Cookies (Watched Zoella's Youtube Video), and can say that they turned out so cute!!!! :D :D 

We had a few mishaps along the way, but we tried a couple of them and they are so yummy!!! :D 

After making melted snowman cookies, we made some candy cane and white chocolate lollipops! So in order for these to turn out, we melted some white chocolate (but you could use any chocolate you want) and after melting white chocolate, we shape two candy canes in the shape of a heart and put a lollipop stick in the middle and pour the chocolate inside and VOILA! 

The final thing we attempted to do was to make some rice krispie square treats but put them in the shape of trees, sadly this did not turn out so well and I had to throw it out... 

So by that time, the day had passed and so my best friend had to leave, but I kept doing a little bit of baking.. I made some haystacks as well as a peanut butter and marshmallow square! 

So here are the picks of my busy busy day, and let me tell you, I am exhausted! 

Lots of Love
~ XOXO ~
Réa Réa