Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Blogmas ~ Day 24 (Christmas Eve)

Hello everyone!! :D :D

So tis the night before Christmas.. and everyone has been so jolly.... I am glad to have spent this night with the people whom I love.. and it was, regardless of little arguments along the way, a nice day...

I woke up and had a few cups of coffee and finished cleaning the house.. we had a few more things to pick up and put away... and we were officially done cleaning at around 1:30 - 2:00... After cleaning, I started getting ready, that is, curling my weave! I curled my hair and applied a base to my face, then made my way to the TV to relax for a while, as my mother wanted to go for a shower... After she was done her shower, I began to do my makeup, I used all my normal makeup, but did a smokey eye and used some liquid eyeliner to thicken the appearance of my eyelashes!

By the time I was done my makeup, my brother and his girlfriend showed up and we ate some soup for supper and had a lovely visit...

After visiting for a while and eating up the delicious soup and sandwiches, I got dressed up and put a long maxi dress, sprayed some perfume and I was ready for mass!

I had to go to the church about half an hour early to sing some songs before mass started.. so we made our way, and my family found a good place to sit, while I sang a couple songs and then ran to the back to get dressed into my uniform (a white robe) as I am also an altar server... By the time I new it, mass was done and it was time to visit with all of the congregation! After visiting for about 20 minutes we left and came back home...

When we got home, we ate some food and talked over funny stories and then it was time to open gifts! I am so thankful for the gifts I have received and hope that everyone could spend their Christmas Eve with the ones they love, and that they feel appreciated and that everyone else could also feel thankful!

Lots of Love
~ XOXO ~
Réa Réa