Thursday, December 4, 2014

Blogmas ~ Day 4

Hello Everyone !!! :D :D

So it has been a bittersweet sort of week.. Tomorrow is already my last day of classes for my First Semester in University.. I cannot explain how fast the First Semester has passed, and although there are many things I should have and could have done better, I cannot turn back time, and cannot do this First Semester over again. I will miss sitting in class with the friends I have made, but am excited to make new friends and stay in touch and grow closer friends with the ones I have already started to make. As I am on the topic of friendship.. I was looking through my IMovie collection on my computer and came across a video I made a while back.. it is just a song playing and pictures of some friends and family that I love and whom I've had some GOOD memories with.

**I would show the video that I made BUT there are far too many people in it and wouldn't want to post their faces all over the internet.... as I am sure some people would not be so happy with me.. Instead I will simply discuss FRIENDSHIP.**

The most obvious definition of friendship, would have to be to be friendly... haha *obviously*.. the next best thing in friendship is respect, as it is very important to respect your friends' decisions, to respect what the person wants to wear, what the person wants to do, what movie does the person want to watch, what the person wants to eat...etc... There are so many things to respect about one another but once you learn how to respect, then others will respect you as well. Another friendship trait is loyalty, no matter what seems to stand between you and your friend/s you will always be there for each other through the toughest of times.. I have had many confusing friendships, friendships that last a couple years like BFF's and then all of a sudden the friendship fades.. so I made new friends. But then all of a sudden, the friendship reappears and I let that friend back into my life, I know that that was the right thing to do. The right thing to do was to let it go and accept the fact that times and people change and sometimes the only thing you can do is to accept that and move on. Now I had more than one BFF and it became consusing, when I realized that it's ok to have more than one CLOSE friend.. It's ok to be respectful and loyal to more than one person..

Now I am happy to say that I have many friends when at the beginning it seemed like I only had 1. There are many people whom I can trust and many people who I cannot trust, but that's life and you gotta just move on. Moving on is sort of bittersweet in a way, because it's time to let go of the good memories, time to let go of the bad memories, and allow your life to gain new memories.

What is the meaning of friendship? What are your thoughts on friendship?

Lots of Love
Réa Réa