Saturday, December 6, 2014

Blogmas ~ Day 5

Hello Everyone!!! :D :D :D

So I had a pretty busy day yesterday and unfortunatly did not have the time to put up a blog post for Blogmas ~ Day 5.. But instead I will just post it today with Blogmas ~ Day 6...

So yesterday was my last day of University for my First Term, and I have to say... it has not sunk in yet... the first semester went by so fast, I didn't even realize it... Now is the time to start studying... EWWWWW... I really hope by studying extra hard that I will do better in the Finals, as I did not pass my Midterms... :( :(

I am trying to look positively on life and these exams... but it is really hard when you tried so hard to succeed the first time, and failed and fell flat on your face... I am hoping that that only made me a stronger person and hopefully I have my motivation back... I feel like I need to just stress less and kill these finals... :D

I am hoping that by coming home for the holiday break, it will be easier for me to study in comfort.. I am excited to be able to spend my Christmas break studying.... haha but its also important for me to have some free time too and so I will be spending some of my time figure skating and playing the piano.. :D :D :D

What are your plans during the Christmas break?? What do you do as a stress relief?

Lots of Love
~ XOXO ~
Réa Réa