Monday, December 8, 2014

Blogmas ~ Day 8

Hello Everyone!!! :D :D

So today was a pretty good day.. I woke up at about 9 ish, had me a cup of coffee, and then started to read all of the notes I had printed about psychology, to study for that final on Thursday... I read my 100 some pages until about 1:00 and in the meantime, I was also watching some youtube videos... I haven't had much time this semester to watch youtube videos and I used to watch them everyday... so I needed to sort of get updated on those... I attempted to start studying for my Physics Final (Saturday), but could not find the concentration.

I took an executive decision to leave the house, go to the church and practice my piano, as I thought it would be a good way to clear my mind, and although, when I came back, I still did not end up studying, I thought I had done enough today, and will try to do more studying tomorrow...

I cleaned my bedroom, and started packing for wednesday night, as I am heading back to Saskatoon, to stay the night because my exam is on Thursday morning at the University at 9:00 am.

So today I was thinking, maybe when I move into my new place, I will have a nicer place, and will have more space to install a video setup, and might be able to do actual vlogs... maybe I will get a better quality camera after Christmas, and this has got me thinking... I miss watching youtube videos, I miss writting so many blog posts, I used to write one or two/week and I miss it... I want to keep doing things that I enjoy... and even though my videos weren't popular I liked making them, it was fun and always laughed about myself when I was editing and cutting videos.. I watched so many videos and it has given me a lot of inspiration... I even changed my blog to a different background because I did not like the way it was before.. I like it better now.. and it is making me feel a little more inspired on writting blog posts, and maybe/possibly doing more vlogs..

Making videos will also depend on how busy my schedule is and I might end up doing one video and one blog post a week, and it depends on if I am in the mood to write.. I think I will attempt to have some kind of schedule on when I will be posting posts and videos, but I will not force ideas, and I will let it be.. whatever will be will be..

So after having a long actually quite boring day, I am going to go for a shower and then watch a movie with my parents...

What did you do today? What do you do to get away?

Lots of Love
~ XOXO ~
Réa Réa