Monday, December 14, 2015

Blogmas - Day 14


So although it's Christmas time, everyone can seem to become a bit stressed out in this wonderful time.

My friend has recently suffered a loss in her life, her grandmother sadly passed away and now in this time of happiness she feels sadness overcoming her life.

I just want to remind everyone how important to not take for granted the people who surround us in our lives. Everyone you meet in your life is important for some reason or other, even if you can't figure it out right away, eventually you realize that you were meant to meet this person.

I had the pleasure of knowing this lovely lady, and it saddens me that her time had to come. I believe that she is with God in Heaven, with her loved ones whom had left her behind in the world. She is probably much happier now, and although it feels like part of us is missing now that she is gone, she is not truly gone, she will always be with us watching us grow until we can meet her again.

It is selfish for us to want to keep her in this world, because she has served a wonderful life, but now it is time for her to accomplish a different duty, one given by God.

I hope that whomever is suffering from this loss, can find peace and comfort in this wonderful season.

My condolences to the family and friends.

Merry Christmas.

Réa xo.