Monday, December 7, 2015

Blogmas - Day 5


Saturday, December 5th 2015, I woke up, got ready, and headed over to my Aunty's house.

There, were my cousins, aunts and uncles, and it was a big day of cooking.

Every year, my family and I reunite, and make around 200 meat pies.

I have been promoted to a roller, so now instead of either pinching the dough, wetting the dough, or filling the pies, I roll the dough. I feel as though that task fits me perfectly!

My cousins and I had so much fun, we laughed and sang some songs throughout the entire day, and we were quite dramatic.

This is one of the days I look most forward too, and I cannot wait until next year's Pie Day!

Here are a few pictures of the fun filled day.

This day really gets me into the Festive mood? What prepares you for Christmas?

Merry Christmas.

Réa xo.